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Shielding the Power System with Garbage

By , January 30, 2020

Ever since I installed a breaker box for our off-the-grid power system in 2015, (see Hangover), it has had a flaw, an Achilles’s heel, if you will: the breakers in the breaker box have been vulnerable to inadvertent switching.

The three breaker switches, which can cut off power flow to or from the battery, the controller, and the solar array, can get bumped, disconnecting any or all of these components.

Had I thought about it a bit more, I likely would have installed these switches upside down (are you old enough, gentle reader, to remember the old “Upizoff” joke from our childhood?) but I didn’t.

One or more of those switches has been accidentally switched every great now and then over the last 4+ years, especially since we put totes holding warm weather gear and work gloves on the old battery box.

off-the-grid power breaker box

You can see here that the breakers are vulnerable to clothing and other gear flipping them inadvertently (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Off the Grid Electricity: The “Power” of Self Reliance

By , September 18, 2009

Let me confess to you up front: I am not an electrician. I know very little about electricity. I survived a whole career requiring daily use of electronic equipment without ever electrocuting myself or becoming more comfortable with or knowledgeable of electricity. I managed well, even learning to take apart computers to install hard drives and other risky activities, but avoided doing it whenever possible.

Then we moved to our homestead. I suddenly became the owner of an off the grid power system. I was forced to come to terms with electricity on some level.

The Zeiger homestead's "Power Point"

The Zeiger Homestead’s “Power Point”: Windcharger 1200 on left, Southwest Windpower W100 on right, solar array below. The satellite Internet dish in the foreground is the main beneficiary of the electricity generated. (Photo: Mark Zeiger.)

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