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Life Drifts Back on Track

By , November 4, 2019

We closed The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) yesterday (see All The World’s a Stage). We had a good, three-performance run. As seems typical of plays not put on by the established theater community in Haines, we had rather sparse attendance, but those who came and stayed left feeling entertained, apparently. We sure had fun!

Now, with the All Hallowtide decorations put away, I’m ready to face that ephemeral idea, “normal” life (see Winter Has Come).

Mark Zeiger in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

Mark begins his evangelical introduction to William Shakespeare (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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Moonlight and Musings

By , May 28, 2019

A bunch of little stuff has happened here on the homestead, not enough to fill full posts, so: here’s some random news items, and photos of the moon!

A week ago Saturday, one of the Rainbow Glacier Adventures (RGA) guides who lives and works mostly in Skagway, came over to train with Aly for some specialty tours. Since I consider Rachel, the young woman, a “daughter of the homestead,” I recommended that she come spend the night here, as she’d need to overnight in Haines anyway. While here, she took a couple shots of that night’s full moon.

Rachel is one of RGA’s photo guides, and her photos are awesome! I’ve said it before: it’s one thing to love our homestead, but to see it through other’s eyes (and lenses, as the case may be) is even better!

But, as I said, news:

moon over the Coast Range, Southeast Alaska

Full moon in the homestead view (Photo: Rachel Deehan).

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