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Assessing the Solar Array

By , March 6, 2019

As we gain about 5 minutes of daylight each day, and teeter on the edge of official drought conditions, we’re seeing a sharp increase in the amount of power generated by our solar array.

Almost every day we get strong sunshine directly on the panels. That has me assessing the array’s current status.

homestead solar array

The solar array basks in the spring sunshine. The wind generator goes unused (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

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Electronics Cabinet

By , December 12, 2018

The irony of my timing is not lost on me. I recently completed a long-delayed project: I built an electronics cabinet for the homestead, in the middle of a low-power period (see Analog Days, Oil Lamp Nights).

I wanted to finish it as soon as we’d completed installation on our new hot water heater (see An Alarming Debut) so that we could decorate for Christmas.

Michelle has wanted the cabinet for a long time. She’s always dreamed of something—anything—to tidy up the snarled pile of electronics, their chargers, and their cords that sits under the window by the 12 volt outlets.

But there’s more to it than neatness. I envisioned a true home power center, and that’s what I built, to the best of my ability.

electronics cabinet

The electronics cabinet, closed (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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