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Putting Off the Hardest Chore

By , December 10, 2019

We’re all, quite literally, breathing easier around the cabin today. Yesterday, we faced up to our responsibilities, and got to work. By noon, we had swept the chimney, and cleaned up both the woodstove and the water heater.

We’ve had a year of intermittent smoke problems with our heating system. I’d forgotten that I addressed this here back in January (see Solving Our Smoking Problem). We thought that solved things, but it didn’t.

Keeping our smoke-ways clean and unobstructed may be the single most important task on the homestead. But, as I readily admit, it’s a hard, unpleasant task (See Sweeping the Wood Stove Chimney) one that’s easily ignored or put off. As a corollary to that, it’s even harder and more unpleasant in winter.

creosote in a woodstove chimney

Before we started, Michelle stuck her phone in the T and took a couple of photos. This one shows the view from below looking up… (Photo: MIchelle L. Zeiger).

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An Unexpected Wealth of Resources

By , December 4, 2019

Monday, while walking past the corner of the cabin, Aly heard a strange hissing sound. Exploring, she discovered that one of our water hoses had sprung a leak. High pressure water sprayed out of a small crack in the hose under the cabin.

A hose that had been drained for the winter.

snow on the Zeiger family homsestead

Five inches and falling. I’ll explain below (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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