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Analog Days, Oil Lamp Nights

By , December 6, 2018

Our 21st century homestead seems like a 19th century homestead lately. As often happens at this time of year, we’ve entered a period of “doldrums.” Our weather has remained steadfastly cloudy and calm, reducing our power generation to bare minimum. Our battery bank has dipped close to the 20% minimum charge we’d resolved never to reach.

Even when we get clear skies, we don’t get the solar power we need. We’re so close to the winter solstice that the sun stays low enough on the horizon for the southern point to block it as it transits. We’re only getting a couple hours of direct sunlight on the solar array at most.

Usually, we can rely on our region’s abundant winds to make up the difference by driving our wind generator. These last weeks, though, we’ve hardly had more than a light breeze now and then, mostly from the north, a quarter that gives us little power.

We felt like we’d entered unknown territory at mid-November, when we fell to 40% (see Testing the Limits). Now, we wish for that much power!

Snow on the Chilkat mountains

I took some photos of the Chilkat range, across the Chilkat River, on our way to town Wednesday to write this post (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Solar “Toys”: Goal Zero Portable Panel

By , March 24, 2018

Recently,  I wrote about solar “toys” we have on the homestead (see Solar “Toys”: Night Light). One recent acquisition I’m still learning to use is a Goal Zero NOMAD 7 Plus Portable Solar Panel. (As with most of these items, we get no credit for promoting this item, although you can buy new through the link above to credit us through I found a new one on EBay for considerable savings over suggested retail price.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus set to charge the portable speakers (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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