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Mark, Michelle & Aly Zeiger (rhymes with “tiger”) live off-the-grid in northern Southeast Alaska.

Mark (l) Michelle (r) and Aly Zeiger (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Mark (l) Michelle (r) and Aly Zeiger (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Living off the land and sea, we grow, gather, hunt and fish most of our food. Urged by family and friends to share our experiences, we have turned to the Blogosphere to begin that process. Each member of the family submits articles and blog entries if and when they have something to say.

Technically, ours is not a real homestead. You can’t really homestead anywhere in the U.S. anymore, but we call it a homestead because it’s an off-the-grid, unwalled compound consisting of a cabin and outbuildings, gardens, and alternative power. Running water comes from two catchment systems, with a third in reserve. We heat our home and hot water with wood. To get home, we park our car on the road and hike in a mile and a quarter, taking into account the tides that fill the bay we have to cross on foot. Anything for the cabin must be hauled in on our backs or brought around to the beach by boat when conditions are right.

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We try to answer all the serious emails we get, but please be patient, as it can take us some time to respond sometimes. Of course, we reserve the right to ignore emails for any reason, but we rarely do so.

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