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Late Bloomers

By , September 27, 2013

This has been an odd year for mushrooms in our area. Our favorite mushroom, boletus edilus, has gone AWOL.

Normally, we start to see this mushroom in August, sometimes late July (see Mushrooms!). We then harvest through at least the first part of October, sometimes later. Quick to grow and quicker to be attacked and destroyed by flies, we see the wreckage of massive specimens all through the forest.

But not this year.

We counted a total of five sightings of king boletes up until a couple days ago. We harvested two, the other three were too moldy or fly-blown. Five. That’s all. We didn’t see evidence that others had been picked anywhere.

Three beauties, found within 30 feet of the cabin (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Three beauties, found within 30 feet of the cabin (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Community Supported Agriculture

By , March 21, 2013

The new emphasis on self reliance and eating locally has left many Americans at a disadvantage, in that they don’t have access to the means: gardening space, ability, time, etc. For those who can’t grow their own food directly, which should be the first choice, there’s an excellent alternative, or perhaps halfway measure: Community Supported Agriculture.

homegrown produce

Locally grown produce. Nothing like it! (Photo: Michelle Zeiger).

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