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“Mushroom Mind”

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By , July 31, 2019

Our mushroom season started early and unexpectedly on June 28th when I found a handful of chanterelles on one of the trails near the homestead. The next day, my brother, Dave, went to check his dinghy on a nearby beach, and came home with a decent sized king bolete!

chanterelle mushroom

A nice-sized chanterelle found in a new place near a “secret” patch on the homestead (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Waiting for Herring

By , April 27, 2019

The herring have arrived in Mud Bay, according to an anonymous post in a local on-line want ad page. But, here on the shore of Lynn Canal, just off Mud Bay, we’re still waiting. And, when I say “we,” I mean everyone!

harbor seal

A harbor seal hangs out, waiting for herring (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).


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