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The One Benefit of Moose Visits

By , February 21, 2020

All right, gentle readers, watch me try to take the high road on this post. Can I do it without giving in to the temptation of poop humor? Let’s see . . . .

While I have complained a lot lately about moose in our compound over the last month and more (see A Month of Moose) there is a benefit of their activity: fertilizer.

Specifically, like most ruminants, moose let fly whenever and where ever. That means that our property and the surrounding trails are liberally sprinkled with moose nuggets.

moose nuggets

A gift for the gardens from Mama Moose (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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By , February 18, 2020

Our stand off with moose continues, and intensifies as I write this (see A Month of Moose).

Yesterday, we hiked out to the car to get a few things, while walking Michelle out for work. Aly and I returned to the homestead, and found fresh tracks going down into the compound ahead of us. We looked around, and quickly found Mama Moose browsing below the veranda. We went around her to the beach and chased her away, but she returned shortly after that. We drove her off again, but she returned after dark (and after Michelle got home, thankfully) and apparently spent the night next to the cherry tree.

She left early, returned a bit later, and hung around this morning. We ran her off again.

We’re getting desperate, but we also have an idea . . . .

Moose Bed

I can’t show you the moose, but I can show where she’s been . . . She bedded down overnight by the big cherry tree (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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