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Morels for Mother’s Day

By , May 12, 2019

Thursday afternoon, I wandered by the homestead’s original rhubarb patch to look for morel mushrooms.

In 2013, to my complete surprise and delight, I found a morel growing out of the garden mound (see Miracle Morel). A mushroom returned in roughly that same spot for a year or two after that, then nothing. Still, I watched the spot, and hoped.

Predictably, I found nothing there. Then I glanced around the rest of the rhubarb mound, then did a double take. I found a morel elsewhere on the mound, then a second one on the opposite side of the patch!

morel mushroom

This is the smaller of the two morels (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Cherry Harvest

By , September 3, 2018

This has been another bad year for our cherry tree, and it shows.

Several moose browsed it over the winter, and even as recently as July. A bear got into it recently (see Wild Life). As ever, it didn’t get enough sun—it’s in our front yard, shaded from the morning sun by a wind break that protects the cabin from sea spray. All of these conditions conspired yet again to bring us a less than banner cherry harvest.

In fact, the entire year’s yield fits into an old marmalade jar. We pitted them, covered them in brandy with a spoonful of powdered sugar stirred in, and have set them aside to souse for a week or so before becoming dessert some evening.


Our entire 2018 cherry harvest (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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