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Mark Broke the Best Dish!

By , July 15, 2019

The day started off well enough.

After a lazy, contemplative morning, I realized that the high tide approached, so I decided to go out on the rocks to fish.

Almost right away, I got a strike. I caught a small Dolly Varden char, and decided to keep it and cook it up for the cat. Shortly after, I hooked a large pink salmon, although it shook off the lure. A second one did the same a bit later; eventually, I caught a larger Dolly Varden, enough to make part of a dinner for the family.

However, we already had a family dinner plan for that night. ‘Why not bake it for lunch?’ I thought.

That’s where the trouble began.

baking fish in a solar oven

The baking dish in happier days, doing its thing in the sun oven (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Appreciating British Condiments

By , June 14, 2019

As Americans, we’ve all more or less been taught to disparage and mock English cooking. We all “know” that the British tend to boil everything, not the most flavorful way to cook.

Justified or not, our family has avoided British recipes for the most part.

We apparently make up for what we miss by doing so in our devotion to British condiments!

My love for British condiments begins with a food product greatly reviled by most Americans: marmite.

British condiments

Our favorite British condiments (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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