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Waiting for Herring

By , April 27, 2019

The herring have arrived in Mud Bay, according to an anonymous post in a local on-line want ad page. But, here on the shore of Lynn Canal, just off Mud Bay, we’re still waiting. And, when I say “we,” I mean everyone!

harbor seal

A harbor seal hangs out, waiting for herring (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).


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A Good Day’s Work/A Good Day’s Goof Off

By , April 29, 2015

Saturday we worked with our nearest neighbors to improve the main trail over the ridge.

For reasons none of us understand, the people who built our “homestead,” the original settlers on this side of Mud Bay, lined sections of the trail with thin logs. In this region, log sections laid on the trail to improve footing or elevate above mud are called “corduroy.” Generally, people lay short sections of log perpendicular to the trail for this; the parallel long lengths puzzle us. After years of use, they’re rotting away in most spots. Where they aren’t, they make the trail hazardous—walking on the barkless wood when it’s wet and slick can cause falls. We decided to rip the old logs out. We would put in crosswise corduroy where we could. We would also fill low spots in the trail with cobbles and gravel ‘mined” from the thin soil beneath the root wads of fallen trees.

A section of the old "corduroy" logs (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

A section of the old “corduroy” logs (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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