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Morels for Mother’s Day

By , May 12, 2019

Thursday afternoon, I wandered by the homestead’s original rhubarb patch to look for morel mushrooms.

In 2013, to my complete surprise and delight, I found a morel growing out of the garden mound (see Miracle Morel). A mushroom returned in roughly that same spot for a year or two after that, then nothing. Still, I watched the spot, and hoped.

Predictably, I found nothing there. Then I glanced around the rest of the rhubarb mound, then did a double take. I found a morel elsewhere on the mound, then a second one on the opposite side of the patch!

morel mushroom

This is the smaller of the two morels (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Mushrooms, Finally

By , August 31, 2018

We’re finally seeing mushrooms around the peninsula.

After early hope, brought on by chanterelle buttons (see Popping Buttons), the mushroom season has, as always, advanced at its own inscrutable pace.

Usually, we start looking for chicken of the woods, also called sulfur shelf, in early July. Many years we miss it, because we’re busy with Independence Day activities. This year, July came and went without much sign of the neon orange fungus.

Earlier this month, Aly began finding it, and, perhaps because it arrived when we’re more “in mushroom mode” as it were, we ate a lot of it. We began to wonder if other mushrooms would arrive late as well.


Michelle’s capful of chanterelles and Aly’s latest bolete (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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