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Highbush Cranberry Time

By , October 5, 2009

Saturday, we drove upriver in search of moose and high bush cranberries.

Highbush cranberry, also known as viburnum and a variety of colloquial names, is a true autumn jewel. The bush is a small, spindly sapling with vaguely maple-shaped leaves, which in autumn may turn crimson. The berries ripen to a translucent, day glow red or pumpkin orange.

These berries taste somewhat like cranberries (hence the name) although they’re much more tart. A frost or two may sweeten them a bit, but not much! This makes them a good berry for picking, as does the large flat stone inside. Both qualities tend to discourage snacking on the job, so yields are better than when we pick sweeter berries. Growing in bunches, they can be harvested by the handful. Continue reading 'Highbush Cranberry Time'»

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