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Aly’s Foraging at College

By , October 3, 2013

One of the things I was looking forward to about my third year of college was the year-round foraging provided by the temperate climate of western Washington. I returned in time for the harvest season, so foraging promises to be easy. I just went on my first foraging expedition of the year, a pleasant two-hour ramble through the woods around my school.

My main goal was a small grassy clearing full of plants that thrive in disturbed soil, such as dandelions and plantain. I gathered plenty of both of these, and found an apple tree nearby with several reachable apples. This was a very pleasant surprise for someone who grew up in an area without wild apples. On my way back, I spotted several chanterelles which I happily added to my back of goodies.

First harvest  (Photo: Aly Zeiger)

First harvest (Photo: Aly Zeiger)

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Guerrilla Gardening, Alaska-Style

By , April 15, 2012

Guerrilla Gardening is, if you’ll forgive the pun, gaining ground. The term and practice of planting gardens on empty or underutilized land is becoming more popular. The current economy has left large plots of arrable land vacant and unused as foreclosures, bankruptsies, and other financial and legal maneuverings leave the status of the real estate in question. Intrepid, green-thumbed adventurers are stepping in to improve and beautify their communities, and raise food for the needy on a clandestine basis.

Guerrilla gardening has been on my mind a lot lately for a couple of reasons. It’s making the national news, for one thing. Our own efforts here on the “homestead” sometimes seem like guerrilla warfare for other reasons than land rights and ownership issues. Mainly, though, my brother, Dave, has turned my thoughts to the topic. He brought it up on his excellent blog, Triloboats. His interview with our mutual friend, James David Sneed, on the subject is enlightening on a couple of different levels. In conjunction with the interview, Dave created the great graphic above, and asked me to make it available on T-shirts and other gear on our online store, which I’ve recently done.Guerrilla Gardeners - Free the Commons!

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