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An Almost Perfect Day

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By , May 9, 2016

Yesterday morning I set up on the veranda to enjoy the view. I took a second cup of coffee, binoculars, a camera, a radio for catching the last of the morning’s news, and writing supplies, so I could sit and write a letter to Aly.

I try hard to write her once a week, but with the pressures of play rehearsal these last weeks, I’ve had very little luck in that regard. Sunday, with the first two performances behind us (which went rather well, more on that eventually) I resolved to leave the lines alone for a day, and relax.

This looks like a good place to write! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger.)

This looks like a good place to write! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger.)

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The Quest for Longer Fishing Casts

By , June 3, 2015

Summer’s here, and it’s fishing season again. I spend a lot of time fishing, which means I spend a lot of time thinking about fishing. Particularly, I think about getting my lure as far out on the water as I can. Here are a few observations on making longer fishing casts:

I’m a beach fisher primarily, because my rocky beach is just a few steps from my front door. Casting off the rocks is great recreation, and an excellent way to harvest dinner. Continue reading 'The Quest for Longer Fishing Casts'»

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