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Bad Casting

By , July 14, 2017

I’ve often asserted that this blog may offer more advice on what not to do on a homestead than what to do. Case in point: flubbing a fishing cast badly enough to destroy the lure.

I love my Buzzbomb® lures. They reliably attract fish. I have to treat them carefully, though, as they’re fairly fragile (see A Fish Dinner on the Homestead). The lead diamond doesn’t take kindly to rough treatment, like a bad cast on the rocks.

Broken lure

This one will not fish again (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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The Quest for Longer Fishing Casts

By , June 3, 2015

Summer’s here, and it’s fishing season again. I spend a lot of time fishing, which means I spend a lot of time thinking about fishing. Particularly, I think about getting my lure as far out on the water as I can. Here are a few observations on making longer fishing casts:

I’m a beach fisher primarily, because my rocky beach is just a few steps from my front door. Casting off the rocks is great recreation, and an excellent way to harvest dinner. Continue reading 'The Quest for Longer Fishing Casts'»

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