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Save Our Ferries!

By , February 12, 2020

You may have heard that one of our regional highways here in Alaska has been completely shut down.

I’m talking about the Alaska Marine Highway, the state ferry system that has connected the island and landlocked communities of Southeast Alaska and the Gulf of Alaska for almost 60 years. If you live outside of Alaska, you might know them as a great way to visit Alaska, and many people see it as primarily a tourist vehicle in the summer.

But it’s more than that. For those of us who live in the region it is, quite literally, a lifeline.

Haines Ferry Rally

The Ferry Rally in Haines February 11, 2020 (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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Wild Week “Ends” with Patreon “Things”

By , October 16, 2019

This has been a tough week for us, particularly as it relates to this blog!

On October 4th, I tried to open a hot spot on my phone, as I do whenever I want to go online. I got a message that basically said that if I wanted to do that, I needed to sign up for a plan that allowed it. Never mind that the only plan I’ve ever had on this phone allows exactly that!

A call to our provider, AT&T, revealed that this is a glitch they were trying to overcome. I got instructions on resetting my network settings, which should clear it up.

Snow on Mountain

This was the old “new” termination dust. The snow’s down to the beach on The Mountain With No Name now (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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