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Dribs and Drabs

By , March 22, 2016

My life seems bound by dribs and drabs lately. Much of what occupies me at the moment centers around the flow of liquids, many of which trickle when I wish they would flow.

After our success with birch wine last year, I anticipated using all the available sap this spring to make a whole lot more. In previous years, we’ve had so much sap we gave bottles of it away to neighbors (see “Moonshine”). I expected the same this year, and geared up for a lot of wine and juice making (we like to reconstitute fruit juice in birch sap instead of water for a spring tonic).

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If It’s Chilling, I’m Stilling

By , December 1, 2012

As our cold snap lingers, we burn the woodstove all day long. I’m using this to our advantage by setting up our juicer as a still on the woodstove’s burner top.

I’m not distilling alcohol. That would be illegal, as well as dangerous. I’m distilling water for the battery bank.


The juicer, distilling water on the woodstove (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

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