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Is It Time for a New Battery Bank?

By , March 9, 2015

Many readers may have picked up on hints dropped here and there on the blog that our power supply needs improvement. I think that’s true, although I confess that I’m not entirely sure. I’m not speaking here of our recent wind generator trouble (see Tilting Windmills) but of our battery bank.

We installed 8 lead-acid Trojan 6 Volt “golf cart batteries” tied in series and parallel for 900 Ah (amp hours) capacity In June, 2007. They have operated for more than 7 years now. Continue reading 'Is It Time for a New Battery Bank?'»

If It’s Chilling, I’m Stilling

By , December 1, 2012

As our cold snap lingers, we burn the woodstove all day long. I’m using this to our advantage by setting up our juicer as a still on the woodstove’s burner top.

I’m not distilling alcohol. That would be illegal, as well as dangerous. I’m distilling water for the battery bank.


The juicer, distilling water on the woodstove (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

Continue reading 'If It’s Chilling, I’m Stilling'»

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