Whales and Strawberry Blossoms

By , November 9, 2016

Here we are on the front doorstep of winter, seeing signs of spring.

Two that stand out particularly: whales and strawberry blossoms.

All of a sudden, we have humpback whales cruising past our rocks, not just one now and then, but sometimes three at a time!

Generally, we see humpbacks in the spring, starting in about March, through the summer, until October or so. This year, we’ve seen more whales in the last few months than we saw all last summer!

Then, the other day Michelle went out to put the strawberry plants to bed for winter. She found several that have produced full blossoms!

Our weather certainly hasn’t been warm; we did have an early freeze, briefly, in mid-October. She thinks the above-freezing temperatures since then might have brought on the blossoms, but that’s only a guess.

Strange . . . . Still, better to be befuddled by unseasonable whale watching and flowers than a host of other mysteries.

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