In light of the recent national election, the campaigns for and ultimate result of which have thoroughly, badly shaken my faith in my fellow Americans, we’re suspending this blog for the moment.

I imagine we’ll eventually find the enthusiasm to continue to create new content here, but at the moment, this seems extremely unlikely. The very idea of sharing family thoughts and activities online seems superfluous at best, if not futile, and possibly downright foolish.

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  1. Jean Lowe says:

    To the Zeigers, I share your feelings of disillusion and disappointment. I am a friend of Russell White’s parents, and through them, I was introduced to your blog. It has been one of the first entries I read each morning, for the last several years. I will miss your blog, but I truly understand. Jean Lowe

  2. Virginia White says:

    We’ll miss you, Mark. I hope you’ll still be posting on facebook.

  3. Mark Zeiger says:

    We’ll see, Virginia. Facebook has been most discouraging for me, as so many people I grew up with supported a complete buffoon for president. Of course, since then, apparently none of them voted for him, at least according to them! Funny how that works.

    But, surely we’ll be back, if only for people like you and Jean! Thank you both for your support and interest!

  4. Jessie says:

    Aw, I’ll miss your posts!

  5. Big Mike says:

    I never thought it possible to shovel 50 pounds of butthurt into a 10 pound bag.


  6. Mark Zeiger says:

    Thank you, “Big Mike.” Your eloquent contribution amply demonstrates why my family and I are debating whether or not there might be more fulfilling ways to spend our time.

  7. Linn Hartman says:

    sorry to see that your going to stop your blog – always enjoyed your writings – will keep checking to see if you put someyhing out here – know alot of folks followed you and lived the dream thru you – good luck
    ps – here in arkansas you can’t find anyone that ever voted for bill clinton ??

  8. Jon Marshall says:


    Trump deserves a chance. Hilary was not a better answer. They both have flaws, they both have demons, questionable pasts. All we can do as a Nation is move on and continue to push for changes. Trump can’t be blamed for the mess America is in now. Bush can not either. He has been out of Office for 8 years. Obama has his blame in the way America is and the way Americans voted for being sick and tired of no one doing anything to protect America.

    I hope you continue to blog and share your lives. You and your family are wonderful and US your readers would have less bright day if your posts were gone.

    Hoping you can see some brightness.


  9. Mark Zeiger says:

    Linn, don’t worry, we’ll probably be back.

    I know your last line is somewhat of a joke, but I think that’s a lot of what’s wrong with the American public, so few of us have the courage of our convictions.

  10. Mark Zeiger says:

    Sorry, Jon, I respectfully disagree. I’d go into the reasons, but that has proven completely fruitless in too many cases. It’s impossible to sway people from their beliefs and opinions by offering facts or data that contradicts those beliefs and opinions.

    Hence the suspension. I’m realizing just how futile blogging is in this country. Still, I’m likely to give it another try in a bit. I must be crazy or something.

  11. Eva says:

    I want you to know how much I have enjoyed taking a peek inside you and Michelle’s life in Alaska. While I do not always comment, I read your blog faithfully. I think this election has made us all wonder what in the world just happened? Being a small business owner, I have had to contain my thoughts when I’ve heard customers come in with their political views that are totally opposite of mine. People never cease to amaze me with their narrow minded thoughts and views. I also find that unless someone has been directly affected by a life circumstance or relationship maybe you shouldn’t be offering your opinions because you really have no basis to give one. I would hope that you will blog again as your insightfulness, resourcefulness and plain talk of everyday living in Alaska was a bright spot to look forward to each week.

  12. Angela says:

    I do hope you will return to blogging some day. Your lifestyle, family togetherness and overall attitude about things in general are several of the reasons I enjoy your blog.It’s sad that people can’t just agree to disagree and have a civil conversation about something. Hope to see a post soon! Have a great week. 🙂

  13. Mark Zeiger says:

    Thank you, Eva! You’ve very nicely summed up exactly what we’re thinking here. The blog is an important aspect of our small “business,” and, like you, we try not to upset our customers/viewers with our personal views. But, I see what you describe all the time, particularly here in Haines. I’m amazed by how many people assume that everyone else thinks the same way they do, and that anyone they meet will naturally respond favorably to whatever they blurt out!

    Not to worry, though. The whole family has blog topics lined up, and we will very likely proceed with the blog in the near future.

  14. Mark Zeiger says:

    Someday very soon, Angela, don’t worry! Thank you so much for your support.

  15. Norma Walston says:

    Come on Mr. Zeiger, really? Since when did what happens in Washington have any bearing on what I do in my everyday life. I still get up, go to work at my college, go to church, spend time with my family as always. Don’t worry, the Lord has it all in perfect control. Continue to write your blog as we love reading it.

  16. Susan says:

    Hi Mark and Family,

    I’m from western Washington and most of us were completely shocked at the election results. It was appalling how many people voted for Trump and how many people didn’t even vote! We have been talking nonstop all week about how it could of happened and what was supposed to have happened. But, reality is – it did happen and it’s tragic. That said, to give up what makes us who we are and the community we have created for ourselves is also tragic. It’s what is going to see us through this presidency – help us see the good in everyday life and find supportive community, as we struggle to survive the current administration. We have to have hope, dreams, and beliefs that good will prevail. Even though, we have been slugged in the gut….now is the time to draw strength from one another. Quitting may very well compound the damage that has already been done. Your blog gives me hope that I can create a safe haven to retreat from the world in – a place where I can re-energize and enjoy a simpler life.

  17. Mark Zeiger says:

    Susan, thank you for your kind words. I guess, though, that what we’re asking ourselves is whether or not the blog is who we are. We’re wrestling with the question of whether or not the blog does any good, and so, if it does enough good to justify how much time it takes away from living our life here. We will continue to do what we do, the question is, should we bother writing about it? Ultimately, the answer is probably yes, but maybe not for the reasons one might expect.

  18. Mark Zeiger says:

    Ms Walston, you seem to be answering the question for yourself. We’re attempting to answer it for ourselves. We will, of course, continue to do what we do. The question remains, should we bother to write about it. We’re trying to make sure our priorities are correct here, whether we should continue publicizing what we do here. That seems unwise in the current climate. That’s what we’re using the hiatus to figure out. We’re glad, though, that you enjoy reading the blog. We’ll definitely take that into consideration.

  19. Alice says:

    The election result was a blow to the gut, when you said you were suspending the blog, it felt like another hit. Please continue to blog. I enjoy your writing and have been anxiously awaiting the completion of the veranda.

  20. Mark Zeiger says:

    Okay, Alice, now you’re breaking my heart! We’re planning our return in the coming days. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!

  21. Eva says:

    So happy to hear you will be blogging at some point again Mark! I agree with Alice..I was depressed thinking you all may not blog anymore and I felt I was losing some great friends. Take time for reflection and renewal Mark….we all need that time especially after this awful election.

  22. Al Frascoia II says:

    Wow how disappointing. I guess this is your way of demonstrating. If you lived in the lower 48 you could collect your payment and block the streets (in protest/crying) so business have to close for the day. I would have thought living in Alaska you would have been in the mindset that you not the government would take control your life. This government was designed for private sector businessmen to run for office the go back to their businesses, not make it a lifelong career. If you keep electing the same people and expect a different outcome you are mistaken.

  23. Mark Zeiger says:

    Sorry, Al, but no, temporarily suspending the blog was not my way of demonstrating. I just had to take a break and try to figure out whether it was worth my time to continue trying to communicate effectively with an electorate that would elect someone like Trump.

    You may have proved my point with your comment. The blog’s back, have you read the latest post? Have you read much of the blog? Your comment, particularly the part about me collecting my payment (what payment would that be, Al?) makes me assume you aren’t a regular reader, but perhaps I’m wrong?

    You may not be aware of it, but it takes a certain amount of time and effort to write for the blog. My question is, should I bother? For a certain portion of the readership, the answer is obviously no. For another portion of it, like many of the other commenters on this post, the answer, for now, is yes.

  24. Al Frascoia II says:

    The “payment” was a inference to the demonstrations where a large group of the demonstrator were receiving payments to demonstrate. I am aware you don’t get paid for this. I have been reading your blog for some years now and enjoy it. you might remember a link I sent you regarding drying firewood. I just don’t see why voting for Trump has anything to do with enjoying your blog.

  25. Mark Zeiger says:

    Al, I just did a little research, and have yet to find any reputable sources to confirm that demonstrators were paid to do so (I almost never talk about it, but I have a background in journalism, so fact checking is rather important to me). Almost every source offers a lightly edited, or unedited reiteration of one person’s supposed personal experience. That account doesn’t offer enough information to be considered reliable.

    To be brutally honest, here’s the question my family addressed before ultimately going ahead with our blog: is it worthwhile, or even wise to share our experience and knowledge with a country that would vote for someone like Donald Trump for president?

    There it is in black and white (as it were). There are probably as many reasons to vote for a candidate as there are voters, but as an American, I’m concerned that we just elected a man who has been openly endorsed by the KKK.

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