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This Blog Turns 10 Years Old Today

By , August 28, 2019

Ten years ago on this day, I started a blog with a post (see Introducing the The Zeiger Homestead Blog). Then, as I recall, I vamped till ready. I had agreed to participate in a group blog on self reliance, and the rest of the group wasn’t quite prepared to launch, so I had to stall for a bit before getting to more meaty subjects. Some days, I wonder if I ever actually got around to that?

Today, as then, I find I have little to actually say. How to adequately commemorate a project that has consumed so much of my life?

sunlight through trees

Sifting through 10 year old photos, I find I still like this one especially (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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I’ve Got the Tools, But Not the Project!

By , August 23, 2019

Michelle and I are off the homestead for a while. We’re traveling in the Lower 48 to visit and help family.

Ironically, we have plenty of internet now that we’ve gotten away from the cruise ships, but we’re not home to write about the homestead! I’ve got the tools, but not the project.

What’s worse, we’ll be gone on the 1oth anniversary of starting this blog. That should be a pretty big deal, and we’ll have the bandwidth to mark it, but perhaps not the material.

Coast Range, Southeast Alaska

Who’d want to leave this view? (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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