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Fitness, Homestead-Style

By , September 5, 2017

She’s probably going to kill me for showing you this, but I can’t resist . . . .

When she was 20 years old, Michelle and her grandmother made a wedding dress for her to wear four days after her 21st birthday. She looked gorgeous in it.

Michelle and her father coming down the aisle (Photo: Carroll Meyers).

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All Good Gifts

By , August 11, 2015

Here on the “homestead” we’re enjoying our annual week of celebrations: Michelle’s birthday, the anniversary of moving to the property (our 8th, today) and Michelle’s and my 33rd wedding anniversary (see Reserve Week). Michelle decreed that her birthday would be sunny and warm. Unfortunately, the weather gods disagreed, giving us instead a darkly cloudy day and a southerly gale. Fortunately, the day before featured Michelle’s weather. On that day, we rafted the Klehini and Chilkat Rivers with Michelle’s employer’s guiding outfit.

(Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Iron Mountain from across the “moose meadow” (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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