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Of Groundhogs and Grouse

By , February 2, 2016

It is February 2nd, Candlemas, and one of my family’s longest-standing pseudoholidays, Groundhog Day.

A couple of years ago I described how my family, led by my father, used to make a big deal about Groundhog Day (see Groundhog Day, Alaska Style). These days, I mostly try to make a point of watching the Bill Murray/Harold Ramis movie about the day, which I really enjoy, and perhaps listening to John McCutcheon’s hilarious little song about it.

Beyond that, I have to admit, as I have before (see The Circle Turns Toward Spring) that even while my family accepts February as the start of spring, and enjoy Groundhog Day, we really look to a different creature to act as our harbinger of spring. That would be the sooty grouse.

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The Circle Turns Toward Spring

By , February 2, 2010

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