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Of Groundhogs and Grouse

By , February 2, 2016

It is February 2nd, Candlemas, and one of my family’s longest-standing pseudoholidays, Groundhog Day.

A couple of years ago I described how my family, led by my father, used to make a big deal about Groundhog Day (see Groundhog Day, Alaska Style). These days, I mostly try to make a point of watching the Bill Murray/Harold Ramis movie about the day (paid link), which I really enjoy, and perhaps listening to John McCutcheon’s hilarious little song about it (paid link).

Beyond that, I have to admit, as I have before (see The Circle Turns Toward Spring) that even while my family accepts February as the start of spring, and enjoy Groundhog Day, we really look to a different creature to act as our harbinger of spring. That would be the sooty grouse.

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Hunting for Dummies, Part 2

By , October 26, 2010

Yesterday I told about my incredible luck on Sunday, managing to bag a grouse above the dooryard despite many missteps.

Every year we  hear sooty (formerly known as blue) grouse around the homestead. Their deep drumming call gives them the casual name “hooters.” They’re all around, but we’ve only seen one on one other occasion, when Aly and I flushed one up on the slope above the cabin one Christmas eve. My excitement over having a grouse come into the dooryard unexpectedly almost ruined my chances at bagging it. Luckily, the bird was even stupider than I.

sooty grouse bagged above the homestead dooryard.

Skill or dumb luck? Mark and his sooty grouse (Photo: Aly Zeiger).

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