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Mussels and Moonlight

By , April 3, 2011

It’s the night of the new moon, which means it’s time to read another poem from Mary Oliver’s Twelve Moons. Today’s poem is Mussels.

Mussels grow thickly on our homestead beach. They mass so compactly in most places that they don’t crush under our feet. We rely on them as traction to safely cross our rocks, which are made treacherously slick by black algae much of the year. In many places, especially deeper in the water, they grow to several inches long.

They create a special problem for us, a dilemma. They are delicious steamed. They’re a close source of free, easy to collect protein. Unfortunately, they seem to be the most likely mollusk around to be contaminated by the algae that produces Paralytic Shellfish Poison (PSP). Apparently, they get it often, and retain it longer than most of their kind. Continue reading 'Mussels and Moonlight'»

“Orphaned” Again

By , February 7, 2011

Today we’re extremely busy—lots to do, most of it last-minute, all of it no doubt slightly frantic. When it’s all said and done, Aly and I will be “orphaned.” We’re breaking up the team once again.

The second leg of my sister-in-law’s move to Washington DC begins today, and this time Michelle will be going with her. With two vehicles to move, someone needs to drive the second one. They’ll go south to Bellingham, Washington on the ferry. There, my sister-in-law’s father will meet them and take over co-driver duty on the way east. Michelle will stay in Bellingham, with her parents, then they’ll fly her home. That means that from today until February 21, Aly and I will be on our own on the homestead. Continue reading '“Orphaned” Again'»

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