Back Homestead

By , October 20, 2014

Well gang, I’m back. And, as you can see, I haven’t found a new pun on “homestead” to title the essay. I guess I’m still kind of wiped out by the trip.

I enjoyed the visits, seeing new places, stepping back in time to experience early autumn again. But, I’m relieved and delighted to be home.

I’m sorry I didn’t blog as often as I might have. I came up with some observations that are no worse than many I’ve expressed here, but finding the time to isolate myself and write them properly proved difficult. Any time I could spend with family is precious, of course, better spent in their company than pounding out another blog post. I hope you forgive the lapse. I hope I can get back into the old writing schedule now that I have returned.

I timed my re-entry into the land just about right. Michelle had much of her work weekend to herself, but we still had much of yesterday and all of today to be together before she hikes out to work.

I need to figure out where the wine batches are in their processes, check the wood piles for drying, unpack, stow the new gear and supplies I accumulated during the journey, equalize the battery bank, and maybe check to see if there are any salmon still hanging around off the beach. That’s for starters. Sixteen days absence seems like a long time. It’s time to get back to it.

2 Responses to “Back Homestead”

  1. Mark says:

    Glad y’all are back, just about to send out a distress call.

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    I know the feeling, Mark. I was close to sending out one of my own!

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