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Aly’s Home!

By , December 18, 2014

Aly arrived home for Christmas on Monday! Now our Christmas season progresses full speed ahead. For all we cared, we could have rolled the trail up behind us as we hiked home, and not resurfaced till after the new year. Continue reading 'Aly’s Home!'»

“I Know This Place”

By , October 22, 2014

After more than two weeks of travel outside (see To Grandmother’s House I Go . . . .) I’m re-emersing myself in our home. These last couple of days I’ve wandered around the property, drinking in the sights, sounds and smells. I inhale the fragrance of breakfast heating in cast iron, mingled with brewing coffee. The aroma of a lit match makes my head swim with gratitude and relief. I’m delighted to see birds on the water, fresh snow on the mountains, garden beds heaped with compost for the winter, and leaf litter on the trails. I’m lost in Michelle’s smiles and touch. Shinrin-yoku, a vital aspect of our lives long before we knew the term, seems to heal me each moment as I am reabsorbed by the “homestead,” and by big-N Nature (see Shinrin-Yoku). At every turn, I find myself thinking, “I know this place.” Continue reading '“I Know This Place”'»

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