Missing the Milestone

By , September 2, 2014

I had a vague realization the other morning that a significant anniversary approached, marking five years of The Zeiger Family Homestead Blog. I began mulling over something pithy, meaningful, perhaps even witty to say on the subject the day it rolled around.

Then I checked, and realized that it had all ready rolled around—right over me.

On August 28, 2009, I posted our first essay, Introducing the Zeiger Family Homestead Blog. Inauspiciously, it turned out I had very little to say on that particular day.

Unfortunately, I had agreed to coordinate the debut of our blog with another blog I’d agreed to write for. The founders of that effort experienced delays in getting off the ground; I champed at the bit, and started early, but didn’t want to compromise the material I’d agreed to post on that other blog first. As such, the first few posts became a 21st century version of the old stage cue, “vamp till ready.”

Perhaps appropriately, that ended up being a long, unpleasant lesson in the importance of independence. I think this blog’s quality improved markedly after I left that other one. In fact, I’m still posting material salvaged from that partnership.

I understand why I missed the anniversary. I had blogged for a year previous to starting this blog. We struck out on our own after the host site we’d used proved unreliable. Yet another lesson on independence . . . . I’d started that blog in early September, so that’s what sticks in my mind.

I’m not too worried about missing this anniversary. It’s a rather arbitrary milestone, and not one that needs to be lingered over by any means. I do find it hard to believe that this blog has been publishing for five years, though! We’ve told a lot of stories, left much unsaid, and hopefully will have a lot more to say in the future.

Maybe in another five years, I’ll have my act together and note the ten year anniversary when, or before it comes? Stay tuned.

6 Responses to “Missing the Milestone”

  1. Steve says:

    Mark, happy anniversary! I’ve loved reading this blog for over two years. Very much enjoy reading about your life and all the wonderful pictures. Hope you will indeed stay with it. All the best.

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Thank you, Steve! We’re very grateful for your support.

  3. Brian says:

    Happy anniversary! I’ve been reading your blog since nearly the beginning and continue to enjoy your adventures, lessons and even the occasional mistake! Thanks!

  4. Judy says:

    Any kind of anniversary in life is worth mentioning if even to just one other human being. But in your case, I can assume there are hundreds of followers of your blog. I guess I found you possibly through author and Alaskan Heather Lende or maybe vice-versa… but at any rate, I do take a peek at least twice a week if not oftener. I find your blog gives off vibes of calmness, responsibility, reflections of loving nature, and mellowness. I hope you continue your blog for at least another five years. You provide knowledge and reading pleasure to me… down here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  5. Mark Zeiger says:

    Thanks, Brian, we appreciate your support!

  6. Mark Zeiger says:

    Wow, Judy, thanks! I may have to quote you in promotional materials some day!

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