Introducing the Zeiger Family Homestead Blog

By , August 28, 2009

Just shy of one year after we started our first blog, we’re returning to try again. Previously, we’d used a hosting site to post stories about life on our small “homestead” in Alaska. Initially, we wrote for family and friends to keep them updated on events in our lives. In addition, we hoped to gather material for an eventual book.

Sadly, the host of the site we used found better things to do with his time than to update his site, and, since the site required him to approve and post submissions, it took longer and longer to get posted—if that happened at all. Finally, we decided to take that responsibility into our own hands.

When we first started blogging we decided to use aliases, and at the time that proved to be a very good idea. Now, since we’re posting on our own site, we figure that by the time you find this page, you pretty much know who we are. We understand the risks, especially as we value our privacy, but we have a wide variety of people who are genuinely interested in what we do, and almost without exception they are good, decent people who would not take advantage of the situation.

The final step in setting up one’s own blog is to post, of course. There’s the problem! From a marketing standpoint, these words should captivate you, inspire you, make you yearn to read more.

Those particular words escape me.

Instead, perhaps another look at the main site will entice you to subscribe, to check back, to linger long enough to learn more about what our life is like. It’s a different life from the majority of Americans, a quiet, good life, with a lot of hard work, periods of ease and relaxation, moments of excitement (if not sheer terror) and more. We hope you’ll come again, and enjoy.

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