Aly’s First Friday Debrief

Aly’s First Friday event at Ampersand AK went extremely well! A lot of people came by to see her Kells-style prehistoric animals, a lot of people bought her stickers, and the gallery’s proprietors seemed very happy. Luckily, no one offered to buy her originals, as they are all, at this point, literally one of a kind. She’s going to have to look into reproducing them.

Aly at First Friday event

Aly and her display. Her museum and gallery experience helped her compose this (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Her second sticker design arrived the day before the event, so she had two designs to offer. She set up a sheet for patrons to vote on which design they’d like to see offered as a sticker next. The results: the plesiosaur shown on Aly’s Featured Artist Statement won, the mosasaur shown in Aly Solos at October First Friday tied for second with another design.

Sarah A. Zeiger's Kells-style styracosaurus

Aly’s Kells-style styracosaurus, the newest sticker design (Artwork: Sarah A. Zeiger).

Aly’s likely to start selling the stickers at the gallery. She’s planning to print the plesiosaur as a sticker soon, and offer it as well. Her current stickers are now on our web store. More will come as more stickers are printed.

She’s also working on fresh ideas, which may debut at another First Friday event in Haines in the future.

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