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Wine Delivery

By , August 17, 2019

Yesterday I made a wine delivery.

I’ve said before that I sometimes feel like a bootlegger (see “Moonshine”) but never more so than when I’m making deliveries.

Instead of thinking illicit thoughts, I need to focus on the barter economy this represents, if in a small way. And the benefits!

wine bagged for delivery

Eight bottles of red currant wine, ready to get hauled out to town (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Adventures in Soap Selling

By , July 6, 2019

A lot of interesting things have happened just recently on the homemade soap front.

The biggest news: Aly and I appeared at Alaska Rod’s as First Friday Featured Artists. That was a kick!

We’d just cured and processed our latest attempt at a proper Sitka spruce soap, which met with considerable success. Most importantly, we got the natural fragrance strong enough for our taste, but secondarily, it came out in an amazing, milk chocolate-like color. When we trimmed and polished them a bit, they looked like rounds of stained mahogany!

Zeiger family Sitka spruce soap

Our latest version of our latest soap: Sitka spruce. Seasonally available at our web store (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Since we knew that our appearance would focus on soap, we made sure we had all of our three current varieties—Russian tea, devil’s club, and Sitka spruce—available in quantity. We even cut some of the thinner rounds into free samples. And that’s where it started to get weird . . . .

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