Aly Solos at October First Friday

Here in the waning days of September, we’re looking forward to and working toward October. Mainly, Aly will be featured artist at Ampersand AK, on Main Street in Haines, Friday, October 4th!

Aly has many artistic projects going at the moment, but the one she’s focusing on the most is her growing collection of Book of Kells-style Prehistoric Animals.

Sarah A. Zeiger's Kells Creature

Aly’s Kells mosasaur (Artwork: Sarah A. Zeiger).

Forgive my pedantry, but Aly said when she tells people she was inspired by The Book of Kells, she gets blank looks. The Book of Kells may be the most famous example of illuminated manuscripts. Dark Ages monks who copied books by hand (particularly the Bible) often doodled in the margins, creating sinuous, highly stylized illustrations, usually animals entwined in Celtic artwork style. Aly took this idea and extended it to prehistoric animals.

Now, she’s the featured artist at one of the most promising, up-and-coming art gallery/store in our notably artistic town.

She asked around about a possible spot in November, but managed an October date, so we’re all scrambling to get her work presented. Everything she’ll display is, at this point, a one-of-a-kind original, as she’s just now developing this line. We urged her to include some of her knitted dinosaurs, some of her Celtic knotwork knitwear, and her jewelry, but she worries she won’t have time to pull all that together in time for next Friday.

At any rate, we couldn’t be prouder! She has vinyl stickers printed from two of her designs, with more to come. They’ll be for sale at the First Friday event.

Kells-style dinosaur by Sarah A. Zeiger

Aly’s Kells-style parasaurolophus, one of two designs she currently offers as a vinyl sticker (Artwork: Sarah A. Zeiger).

If you’re in town next Friday, please stop by Ampersand AK on Main Street to see Aly and her work!

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One Response to Aly Solos at October First Friday

  1. Grandma & Grandpa H. says:

    Oh my goodness! Our granddaughter is becoming famous! Good for you, Aly and your paintings are fascinating and very appropriate. Is there anyone in Haines who teaches art? I don’t mean that you need to improve your paintings, just that working with someone else may broaden your range of work. We were going to have an art show here to include my paintings with members of the Olympia Art League. I met with our boss lady today and had a list of things that needed to be done to have a good show but it turned out that she has already run two shows in the past and knows all about having wine & cheese/crackers, etc. The Art League is slow to get its act together, however, so we’ll probably need to wait until February.
    Love to all!

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