Monthly Movie for May

By , May 3, 2019

Here’s the Monthly movie for May, which I shot yesterday:

As you may recall if you read this blog regularly, I’m trying to shoot a short film from the same spot on the beach, encompassing the same view, every month in 2019 (see Monthly Movie for January).

I foolishly hoped that the 30-60 seconds I shot this month might somehow correspond to wildlife activity on the water. The herring shoals are moving into our area on the heels (as it were) of the eulachon run, so we see whales and sea lions most days. We also have surf scoters rafting up, and zipping by in low formations over the water. Predictably, such a hope proved over optimistic. Waiting for activity before shooting the film might have worked, but I’d likely still be waiting for the right moment, and having the camera ready to go at that particular moment, by May 31st.

Instead, I captured part of our transition from sunny weather to wet and windy weather. I had to turn down the volume on the film, as wind was pretty loud in the mic.


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