“A Calm Day Soothes the Soul”

By , May 6, 2019

Sunday morning we rose to a calm, wet morning, and it felt wonderful!

We’ve had sunshine for quite a while, then we transitioned to cloudier weather through a day or two of wind. The next morning, a sense of stillness permeated everything.

Michelle slept particularly well the night before, and arose elated. She pronounced: “A calm day soothes the soul.”

calm, wet morning

Ahh! Sweet relief. The transparent panels in the grow boxes protect seedlings from the previous day’s drying winds (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

She’s right. A wet, calm day seems to have more of a sense of potential than a bright, sunny day. That’s somewhat of a contradiction, as it actually offers fewer possibilities than a clear day.

On a sunny day, too many tasks press in on one;  a calm, damp day allows one to choose to be out in it, and be very intentional about whatever tasks one chooses to focus on. One doesn’t feel overwhelmed by all the things that could/should get done in the clear weather window.

So much of what we want or need to do can easily and comfortably be accomplished in wet weather as well as dry. It’s easy to forget that, if the sunshine continues for too long.

calm, quiet morning

A calm, quiet morning down channel (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Mornings like the one we experienced yesterday help us slow down, at least momentarily, to take in the beauty, the sound, the aroma, of a nice, calm, soul-soothing morning.

Spring is the season for this type of day! See A Sweet Spring Day, A Squirrel’s Breath, and Coffee With a Whale.

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