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Monthly Movie for October

By , October 5, 2019

Friday morning I shot the October monthly movie. Once again, I caught the stillness before a change in the weather. We should see high winds and rain in the coming days.

The sun is so low now that you can hear me clap a hand over the viewfinder so I could see what I was filming. Otherwise, it’s pretty quiet out here!

As always, I love and look forward to October (see October: Beginning of Our Holiday Season). I’m ready to dive into it. This year, there’s a lot happening, which I’ll get into in the coming posts.

Monthly Movie for September

By , September 13, 2019

Wednesday, I shot the September monthly movie in the 7:00 a.m. hour. I adore the stillness before full sunrise, and couldn’t resist recording it.

I filmed just before the weather turned wet. Within hours, light rain showers began. That’s good—we’ve enjoyed warm sunny weather, but we really need the moisture!

If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of spruce cones hitting our metal roofs, as squirrels harvest the cones (see The Squirrels Are Going Nuts!). They’ve made quite a racket these last few days, focusing their greatest efforts on early morning and late evening sessions.

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