When the Tide is Up, Go Kayaking

By , February 13, 2019
15.5 FT Tide

15.5 foot tide (Photo: Michelle Zeiger)

Last Friday I was ready to come home, but the tide was too high to cross the bay by foot. My town errands were done and the sun shone brilliantly on the new snow. Prepared to walk around the top of the bay (see Up Around the Bay) and enjoy the journey, I arrived and realized there was another errand I should do. We had one of our kayaks tied up on the road side that needed to be taken back to the trail head.

Et voila! A simple solution. Here are some photos of my labor:

First I needed to dig the kayak out of the snow. Fortunately there were no voles inside the kayak today.

Kayak tied up above the high tide line.

Kayak tied above the high tide line.  (Photo: Michelle Zeiger)

Next I had to get the kayak to the water and past the small ice bergs.

Kayak ready to launch.

Ready to cross the bay.  (Photo: Michelle Zeiger)

In the middle of the bay I floated as silently as possible; not wanting to disturb the ducks, gulls and seals. (They are all in this photo—really!)

A calm day in winter.

Not a breath of wind. (Photo: Michelle Zeiger)

Safely on the other side of the bay, I enjoyed a last view of the bay before heading into the woods.

Late afternoon sun.

Late afternoon sun. (Photo: Michelle Zeiger)

Our neighbor, Katie, came by just at the right time and offered to help me stow the kayak. Thanks Katie!

Kayak stowed for another day.

Kayak stowed for another day. (Photo: Michelle Zeiger)

My errand finally done, I headed home.






4 Responses to “When the Tide is Up, Go Kayaking”

  1. Linn Hartman says:

    That is better than fighting the 5 o’clock traffic home -great pictures

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Hi Linn, I agree–a far cry from some of her trips in/out: Have a Nice Day at the Office, Dear!

  3. Dave Tinnes says:

    You guys have a beautiful piece of Alaska. Breathtaking views from the front yard!!!

  4. Mark Zeiger says:

    Thanks, Dave, and thanks for your part in making this paradise! We bless you with every wood stove fire, and every tank of hot water we make.

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