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When the Tide is Up, Go Kayaking

By , February 13, 2019
15.5 FT Tide

15.5 foot tide (Photo: Michelle Zeiger)

Last Friday I was ready to come home, but the tide was too high to cross the bay by foot. My town errands were done and the sun shone brilliantly on the new snow. Prepared to walk around the top of the bay (see Up Around the Bay) and enjoy the journey, I arrived and realized there was another errand I should do. We had one of our kayaks tied up on the road side that needed to be taken back to the trail head.

Et voila! A simple solution. Here are some photos of my labor: Continue reading 'When the Tide is Up, Go Kayaking'»

A Midsummer’s Day Bouquet

By , June 20, 2013

You’d hardly know it, but today is the Summer Solstice, midsummer’s day.

It’ll likely pass unnoticed by many, because most people think of the solstice as a fixed date, usually June 22nd, on which it often falls.

Worse, this year the 22nd is a Saturday, while the solstice itself falls on a mere Thursday; it’s so difficult for western civilization to observe any event that doesn’t have the decency to fall on the weekend!

But this is a natural event, not a holiday in the common sense. It comes when it is time, and human convenience be damned.

On the other hand, the solstice moment arrives at 9:04 p.m. Alaska time, so if you’re in the eastern U.S., the solstice will technically be tomorrow.

In honor of the day, here’s a nice view of the bay. I took it the day I “met” the lost moose calf (see A Close Encounter).

Happy Solstice, where ever you are!

The Chilkat Range through Nootka lupine on Mud Bay (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

The Chilkat Range through Nootka lupine on Mud Bay (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

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