Headlamps on the Homestead: Princeton Tec

By , April 26, 2017

As I explained in Headlamps on the Homestead, we gave up on our favorite headlamps when a design change degraded their quality. We turned back to Princeton Tec. This line offers a dizzying variety of headlamps for many different uses. We focus on those that meet our basic criteria: waterproof or at least water resistant, economical battery use, and comfortable.

Our very first headlamps were a basic Princeton Tec design. I no longer remember the name, nor do I believe it’s still in production.

Princeton Tec Fuel and Byte headlamps

Mark’s Princeton Tec headlamps: Fuel (l) and Byte (r). Colors vary, but you see a preference….(Photo: Mark A. Zeiger.)

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Headlamps on the Homestead

By , April 23, 2017

Recently, while revisiting an old post on the importance of headlamps in our life (see Headlamps: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!) I saw how out of date it had become in terms of preferred gear on our homestead. I didn’t even recognize the name, Streamlight Enduro, our most trusted headlamp back then.

It seems time for an update, even as we move into the lighter months of the year, when headlamps hardly get used at all.

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