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Taking a Whack at the Wind Generator

By , November 7, 2019

We’ve seen a dip in our solar power intake lately. I have to assume it’s because of our rapid loss of daylight here in the upper latitudes of the U.S., but it’s been so precipitous that yesterday I checked our power lines for any disconnects that might account for the decrease. I found nothing; everything seems fine, we’re just not getting as much sun as we have in the past.

Looking at previous records on this, I see that in the waxing daylight, at the other side of the winter solstice, we see a jump in solar intake, so a corresponding drop makes sense.

On an overcast day, it’s hard to gauge the depth of the cloud cover, but I assume it’s thicker recently, limiting our daylight even more. The rapidly advancing hours of dark, and the change back to “standard” time on the 4th haven’t helped (see Stop Messing Around With Time!). We’ve noticed that we need headlamps in the forest, and headlights on the road much earlier all of a sudden, which encourages us to assume that the cloud cover is that much heavier lately.

Zeiger Family Homestead Power Point

The Power Point on a cloudy, not-so-solar-active day (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Wind Generator Problems, Yet Again

By , October 2, 2016

We’ve long known the day would come: last week, the wind generator controller’s circuit board failed.

I’m still cackling with glee over our new solar array, which has made our wind generator all but redundant to our off-the-grid electrical system (see Power Shift: An Early Unveiling). “Flipping the switch” on the array relegated the wind generator to a back up system, completely reversing the previous roles. After years of difficulty keeping the generator on line, this appealed to me greatly!

When we redesigned the system, we assumed that we would eventually need to replace the wind generator. The company, Southwest Windpower (SWWP), basically cut and ran to India years ago (see My Wind Generator’s Company Goes Missing). A lot of people use their generators in our neighborhood. I know of at least one neighbor who had to ship their machine to India for repairs. I don’t want to do that. Just shipping them to Arizona for repairs in the old days drained funds unreasonably.

So, we decided to go ahead and run our generator as long as we could, then figure out what to do. Now, we’re figuring!

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