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Resident Rodent

By , June 18, 2014

Over the weekend we had an uninvited guest.

No one knows when this guest arrived, but about 2:00 Sunday morning, Michelle and Spice got up and started making a racket all around the cabin. When I got up in the morning, it appeared as if we were in the middle of moving—almost every piece of furniture had been pulled out of place. Anything under a counter or other object had been pulled out.

A vole had come to visit, perhaps to stay.

And why shouldn’t it? We offered warmth, dryness, security, a bit of food, and only the slightest chance of danger from the . . . you know, the . . . oh, resident cat! Continue reading 'Resident Rodent'»

Summer Invaders

By , May 31, 2011

Summer’s in full swing on the homestead. We realized that not when the garden began to flourish, not when the weather felt right (warm and overcast—wow, it feels like July!) not when the fish returned to our waters. We realized it when the invaders attacked.

If you know me, you’re probably thinking, “ah—tourists!” but I’m speaking of voles and carpenter ants. Seemingly in one day, both descended on the homestead, and the seasonal battles have begun. Continue reading 'Summer Invaders'»

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