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Steaming Dried Baked Goods

By , December 19, 2019

The other day, while preparing to bake some cornbread, I peeked in the oven to make sure there was nothing in there before I preheated it. I found forgotten treasure: some scones Michelle had made a week before!

We welcomed the unexpected bounty of the next morning’s breakfast suddenly arranged, but soon realized that the scones had dried out considerably as they sat, neglected, in the oven.

No problem. Michelle took care of it with this simple process, a variation on the steaming we do instead of microwaving when we want a fast, hot meal without drying it out (see Fast Cooking: Steam Vs. Microwave):

The inside of the pan arranged (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Fast Cooking: Steam Vs. Microwave

By , August 7, 2016

Life moves at a slower pace on the homestead. That’s part of its charm, particularly when it comes to food. We’re definitely part of the slow food movement, making our meals largely from scratch. The time and effort to prepare a meal contributes to its value.

However, now and then we want a hot meal in a short amount of time. This particularly comes at lunch, when we often eat leftovers.

If it’s a sunny day, we prepare the meal a little ahead of time using the sun oven (see Cooking with Solar). If it isn’t, we need a fast way to heat meals, often in individual portions, so we can eat and get back to work.

At such times, most Americans turn to a nearly ubiquitous appliance: the microwave. Here on the homestead, with no microwave, we need some other process. We steam these meals, and have discovered, much to our surprise, that it’s more effective, and almost as quick, as a microwave!

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