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It’s a Keeper!

By , May 17, 2016

While it’s true that I’ve been singing the praises of our Sun Oven for more than a year now (see Cooking With Solar) it recently proved, unequivocally, that it is an indispensable item on our homestead: it made pizza!

Now that it's truly proved its worth, we're keeping it! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Now that it’s truly proved its worth, we’re keeping it! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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A “New” Feast Day: Saint Sunniva

By , July 10, 2015

I learned Wednesday that July 8th is the feast day of Saint Sunniva. The name caught my attention because our new solar array is comprised of Suniva brand (one N) panels (see Power Shift: The  Plan in Place). Saint Sunniva apparently was a Norse “solar maiden” called Sunna, thinly Christianized as a saint. I now know where the brand name comes from.

As I’ve confessed before, we welcome the slightest opportunities to celebrate; observing Saint Sunniva Day seems particularly appropriate for our “homestead”.

As it happened, we didn’t do anything special. Michelle got called into work at a friend’s touring company until late. However, even though we didn’t know about Saint Sunniva then, the day before could have served well as a feast day for this particular entity.

Iron pot scones in the Sun Oven (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Iron pot scones in the Sun Oven (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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