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Otter Neighbors

By , August 4, 2012

The other day I noticed some movement down on the edge of our rocks. A couple of river otters had climbed ashore to have lunch.


A couple of otters stopped by for a bite to eat (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

We see a lot of otters around here, mostly in family groups. This couple has been cruising past the beach about every three days or so. Now and then they’ll climb up on the rocks to eat the fish they catch. Usually they’re pretty cautious, but I got close enough to take a decent photo before they saw me and slipped back in the water.

They got upset with me one day for fishing off these same rocks. They make a sneezing snort that’s supposed to be intimidating. Is intimidating, I should say—Aly and I once watched an otter chase off a coyote one evening on our beach. They seem comical and playful, but I wouldn’t want to corner one for any reason.


Otter Outing

By , August 2, 2011

When Aly arrived home Friday evening for a weekend visit, we were just in time. Walking through the yard I heard a sharp tweeting sound, similar to, but different from the song bird calls we hear around the property. Curious, I went to the edge of the beach and looked into the water, where I found a family of river otters on an outing. I called to Michelle and Aly, and we snuck down to the water’s edge to watch.

An adult otter escorted three very nervous pups along the rocky edge. They piped in alarm and swam so close to the adult that at times they appeared to be climbing up on its back or head. When it dove, they dove right with it, then popped up to the surface to begin crying again. They were small and scrawny, pathetic, and very cute. Continue reading 'Otter Outing'»

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