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Popcorn, The “Homesteader’s” Nemesis

By , May 20, 2013

We, like many Americans, love our popcorn.

For us, it goes beyond the occasional snack. When my older brother, David, and I were very young, Mom decided that Sunday evening meals would be our choice. We chose popcorn. Sunday night became a high point of our week, because we not only got popcorn for dinner, but we got to eat this dinner in the living room, in front of the television, watching The Wonderful World of Disney.

Eventually, as we grew older, we augmented the weekly popcorn meal with a sandwich or other heartier fare, but the acceptability of popcorn as an occasional meal continues to this day. It doesn’t offer much in the way of nutrition, but, made in adequate quantities, it makes a filling and pleasant meal now and then.

Unfortunately, popcorn has its dark side: unpopped kernels, known by the rather vulgar nickname, “old maids.” Continue reading 'Popcorn, The “Homesteader’s” Nemesis'»

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