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Living With Cruise Ships (Part 4)

By , June 13, 2018

Since Living With Cruise Ships (Part 1) I introduced a series of questions about cruise ship traffic from a reader, Judy. I will close the series by addressing Judy’s final question: “do you look at the cruise ships as an intrusion and/or a welcome from civilization?”

Short answer: it all depends on the day and the circumstance.

Long answer: read on . . . .

cruise ship through the window

A cruise ship passes in the morning, seen from the cabin window (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger).

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Living With Cruise Ships (Part 3)

By , June 10, 2018

Reader, Judy’s next question about cruise ships (see Living With Cruise Ships (Part 1)) was “Can you actually wave at the passengers on the top deck of the ships?”

Most cruise ships pass our place too far out for us to see individual passengers. We do wave to friends and family coming and going on the Alaska Marine Highway ferries, but these boats are much smaller, and often pass a bit closer, to the point where, while we can’t recognize individuals, we may recognize a loved one’s walk on deck, or see them through binoculars.

The cruise ships present a much more massive view, in which people get swallowed up. We can sometimes tell where they are by the flash of cameras as they try to take photos of Rainbow Glacier, which appears on the opposite shore of Chilkat Inlet, yet seems to hang above our homestead on our Chilkoot Inlet shore.

But, there are waves, and then there are waves.

Ruby Princess

Princess Cruise Line’s Ruby Princess cruises south on a summer evening (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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