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Homestead Core Values: Self Reliance

By , February 6, 2016

The biggest challenge to identifying our homestead core values (see Homestead Core Values) may be defining those values. We should and can only define them by our own standards, in as much as they are values we hold dear. Each value I’ve previously covered, Family, Frugality, and Hard Work, are fairly easy for us to define. The value of Self-Reliance proves more difficult. For starters, is the term hyphenated, or not? Spelling and grammar checking systems disagree . . . .

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“Sacred Idleness”

By , January 21, 2016

“Work is not always required . . . there is such a thing as sacred idleness, the cultivation of which is now fearfully neglected.” —George MacDonald

I ended the essay, Core Values: Hard Work with an anecdote about my sister urging us to dial back our rate of work on the homestead. She advocated establishing a “Sabbath,” an enforced day of rest, to prevent us from working constantly.

While we recognized the wisdom of this practice, we found it difficult to implement.

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