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Testing a Cloudy Day Cube Stove

By , June 11, 2019

When we ordered our Sun Oven, we received a Cloudy Day Cube Stove as a bonus (see Cooking With Solar). We quickly set it aside; if we’re not cooking with the Sun Oven, then we use our propane stove/oven.

Cloudy Day Cube Stove

The Cloudy Day Cube Stove packed for travel, with instruction sheet (green) included (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Recently, Sun Oven offered a sale on the fuel patties (we call them “Gainesburgers,” harkening back to the dog food form it resembles). At the same time, Aly brainstormed solutions to making lunch while out on a tour. She talked about getting a new mess kit, and wanted some sort of efficient heat source for cooking small meals while waiting for the next tour. I suggested she “adopt” the Cloudy Day Cube Stove as part of her lunch kit.

When the sale came out, I immediately thought about going in on a case of fuel cakes with my sister, whom I recently talked into buying a Sun Oven.

As it turned out, she suggested splitting a case. I brought it up with Michelle, and she, most sensibly, suggested that we try the stove out first. So, I did  . . . .

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