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Aly’s in Dawson

By , July 16, 2011

We had just returned from a trip to town yesterday, and Michelle had left to water the neighbor’s greenhouse when Aly called unexpectedly. She’s in Dawson with her field school, and the phone line turned out to be shorter than the shower line, so she caught us up on her activities while waiting to get clean.

She decided not to do the volunteer work necessary to attend the music festival after all. She would have had the last shift of the day, which would have meant the concert goers would be more likely to be drunk and unruly, and she would have had a long walk home after midnight. Their campsite is across the river from Dawson, so she has to take a ferry across. Only a few of her fellow students will attend the music festival, so she’ll join the others visiting the museums and galleries in Dawson. Even though I feel she could have handled the job with help, I have to confess to heaving a fatherly sigh of relief that my little girl won’t be tied into 15 hours of potential crowd control after all. Continue reading 'Aly’s in Dawson'»

Aly’s End Game

By , July 13, 2011

We talked to Aly on the phone Sunday evening. Her field school crew has returned from a visit to a dig at Calico Bluff, near Eagle, Alaska. They’re wrapping up their portion of the ongoing excavation at Beaver Creek, and preparing for a trip to Dawson, YT for the music festival there.

Amazingly, Aly has decided to volunteer staff the festival, trading 15 hours of work for free admission to the festival. What’s striking is that she’ll be working security. Continue reading 'Aly’s End Game'»

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